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At Asking Price Realty, we understand sellers’ concerns that their home won’t be sold in a reasonable amount of time and for the desired asking price. That’s why we offer our 25 Day Guarantee Program to give our clients peace of mind when putting their property on the market.

This proactive program is a risk-free and smart solution Asking Price Realty can offer homeowners who are hesitant to sell due to the aforementioned worries. The program is simple. Asking Price Realty offers clients a contract guarantee that their property will sell within 25 days or it is sold for free. Furthermore, any offers received before the 25-day mark must be acceptable to the client as well. 

Sellers can feel assured knowing Asking Price Realty is confident in its ability to sell their homes and is willing to take on the risk of earning no commission on a sale that goes beyond the promised date.

A few conditions apply to the seller as outlined here. First, properties must be in saleable condition. Only fully-constructed homes meet the guidelines for the 25 Day Guarantee Program. If a seller has questions regarding whether his property fits these parameters, he is encouraged to call an Asking Price Realty agent to discuss.
Second, the asking price for the seller’s property must be realistic, as determined by the free property appraisal we provide. 

This guarantee program comes at no risk to our clients, while giving them assurance that Asking Price Realty sets their home listing as a priority. Sellers would be hard-pressed to find other policies that extend the efficiency and convenience that this program does. 

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