With today's real estate market, it can be extremely difficult to both sell and buy a piece of property. Many individuals don't know who to get in touch with, which can cause a whole lot of stress on the buyer and seller. Thankfully, there is an alternative to dealing with all this and that's Kew Gardens Realty.

Whether you are thinking about buying or selling a home in the Kew Gardens area, Asking Price Realty is the trusted real estate firm that you want working for you. This beautiful Queens community is known as being one of the most coveted residential neighborhoods in the area. With its impressive, upscale homes as well as its many condos and commercial properties, this is a wonderful area to live and work in. Unlike many other communities in New York City, it has a huge park with lush green vegetation, walking and biking trails and other amenities that add to the quality of life for residents. 

Once you have gone through the process of finding an agent, working with them to properly price and list your home, and schedule open houses and all of the other activities that go along with finally getting a sale, you may have totally forgotten about relocating your family and property to your new home. Luckily, Asking Price Realty provides several different moving and relocation services to help you make your move as smooth as possible.

At, we want to help make your move to our community as easy as possible. That's why we have partnered with a network of local providers who specialize in the types of services our clients most often need after they've bought a new house. is a New York State-registered mortgage broker providing all types of mortgage financing for the state prospective home buyers (or those refinancing). The company can shop for just the right mortgage program and lowest interest rate by reviewing multiple lenders. 
Asking Price Realty uses their services because the company demonstrates the utmost knowledge and professionalism in both the commercial and residential real estate markets.'s mortgage loan originators use comprehensive yet personalized approach to guide prospective homeowners and those refinancing through the entire buying or refinancing process. They will examine the existing and future monthly cash flow, using several factors to analyze both the client's short-term and long-term financial goals.

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